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In 2024, we will be traveling to Kenya; we are unable to offer trips to other countries this year. There are only a limited number of spots available for the trip, so don’t wait too long to sign up! If a trip fills up, you will also find that information here.

Please note that the information regarding the World Teacher trip to Kenya is in English, as it is being coordinated by our colleagues in Kenya, and they will be responsible for the overall coordination of this programme, including selection of candidates.

Kenya (2024)

Edukans Kenya: Background, Expectations, and Intended Outcomes  


Edukans Kenya will host the World Teacher Program in July 2024 in Elgeyo Marakwet County. There are about 367 primary schools in the county out of which Edukans has worked with 60 and 1 Teacher Training College (Tambach TTC). The region is geographically vast and experiences numerous challenges including female genital mutilation, early marriages, high poverty, low school enrolment, high rates of school dropouts and absenteeism. These and other challenges are gradually being addressed through community and parental engagement forums that campaign for education. 

Building on the World Teacher program 2023, this year world teacher program will focus on Teacher Professional Development and School Leadership (head teachers). A total of 6 new schools will participate in the program. As a follow-up to previous year’s interventions, Teachers from the schools that participated in 2023 will be invited to one general workshop for experience sharing and learning opportunities. The Dutch world teacher participants will also visit to selected schools for one day lesson observation and school workshops.  

Linking of World Teacher with Teaching with Impact 

Edukans Kenya seeks to link World Teacher 2024 with the Teaching with Impact program in twofold: 

  • Active Teaching and Learning Methods 

This year’s World Teacher program will continue focusing on building capacity of teachers and education officers in Active Teaching and Learning methods, which remains a strong component of the Teaching with Impact program. These methods will include concept development, use of locally available resources, learning assessmentss, and giving feedback after lesson observation. This will be done at school level.  

  • Teaching with Impact Training Workshop 

Edukans Kenya has planned to carry out 2 Teaching with Impact trainings in Elgeyo Marakwet in 2024. We plan to organize the 2nd training to coincide with this year’s World Teacher program. A total of 66 teachers from 33 schools in Elgeyo Marakwet will attend. The teachers will be split into two groups to make the training most effective. This will give an opportunity for all teachers in the Teaching with Impact program to benefit from the practical way of carrying out active lessons. The focus of the training will be on other Active Teaching and Learning methods among them Think, pair, share, Placemat, Four corners, Inner, outer circle and Brainstorm. These workshops will be supported by master trainers. The content and approach of these workshops will be discussed further with the Basic Education technical team.  

Competences and Skills Required of World Teachers  

  • Cross cultural Communication: Be fluent in English, both written and spoken and willing to understand and appreciate cultural differences; 
  • Pedagogical Experience: At least 3 years of teaching either at primary or secondary school and proficient in Active Teaching and Learning methods; 
  • Expert skills in Active Teaching and Learning: Know-how and skills in planning and carrying out interactive lessons with learning activities that are well aligned with objectives (formative) assessment methods 
  • Facilitation skills: Ability to train and share knowledge and experience with colleague teachers using active and all-inclusive participatory workshop training methods; 
  • Skills in providing coaching, observation and feedback 
  • Basic filming: Can film and edit basic (not professional) short videos of 3-5 minutes;  
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Ready and willing to work in schools in Africa that are very different from Dutch schools in terms of facilities, terrain, high number of learners in classes and also ready to work for long hours;  
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: Working collaboratively with Kenyan teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders is essential for a successful program. The Dutch teacher should be able to contribute to a team-oriented approach; 
  • Open-mindedness and willingness to learn: Be open to different perspectives, teaching methods and approaches.  


Key Outcomes: 

1. Motivated and well equipped teachers in Active Teaching and Learning methods  

Teachers participating in the World Teacher program are motivated and willing to practice Active Teaching and Learning methods in their lessons.  

2. Community of Practice/Experts 

All teachers who will participate in World Teacher 2024 will form a community of practice to continue sharing knowledge and videos of classroom practices and training on an Interactive SkillEd Platform. The experts (trainers) from Kenya and the Netherlands will have a Community of Experts that will work together to continuously review and improve training materials and approaches that will support teacher professional development in Kenya. Guidelines for both the Community of Practice and Community of Experts will be developed by the team at Edukans.  

3. ATL Training Videos: 

The world Teachers will help develop training materials especially filming videos of best practices. For instance, one teacher can be tracked (baseline video at start of WT and endline Video at end of WT) to show professional development. Filming will also be done to show good practices in Active Teaching and Learning methods.  

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